Monday, February 7, 2011

The Photoshop Experience

A couple of weeks ago I started taking a Photoshop class. I took it since I needed to do something with my time while I'm still not feeling perfect, but I'm doing a lot better than I was a couple of months ago. I wasn't totally sure if I'd even like Photoshop. I had taken a Web Design class that used Adobe software and I didn't like it, mainly because the teacher didn't really care for what she was teaching, and it was easy to get away playing Helicopter on iGoogle while we were having work time in class and I was finished with my assignment.
I think I may have found what I'm supposed to do, though. I always figured Computer Science was going to be the route I was destined for. I love computers and using them, but I've never been that interested in getting into programming and figuring out how I can make something work. I just like using stuff that works and occasionally will figure out a problem.

Photoshop has been what I'm looking for, and most likely Graphic Design is the route I'm headed for. I love using the program so far and just tweaking little stuff. I can instantly see the results too, so I don't have to wonder if that line of code I just wrote actually worked or if it just kinda looks like what they wrote in the book. There's way too much math in Computer Science and I'm not a math person.

So here we go, starting something new. Let's see what happens next!

Oh yeah, and the final reason I like Photoshop: Mac's are the computers of choice! Hehe!

Also, the picture I posted is my first picture I did by myself with Photoshop. It was just some stock photos, and it isn't the best thing out there, but it was me using all of the tools that we have used so far. I'm sure I'll get better!

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